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City Of Melbourne Titles - Central City Series Rnd 2 : 16 - 17 Sept 2006

I had a disappointing start position for the first and second heats, qualifying in 9th place - bit of a tricky track when you run the other direction, especially when the last time I was on this track was back in 2004.

First Heat - I Finished in 8th place, had a pretty good run only managed to get around one kart, that turn one is scary when you can't see it till your in it, and the bumps don't help much.

Second Heat - Well this one was a disaster! It started out ok made a couple of good moves and picked up 3 places, Then one the last lap on the last corner the blasted chain snapped and ended up with a D.N.F.

so that gave me 8th place for the Pre-Final, it's not as bad as I thought, now I'm just going to have to work harder in the last two races to make up that.

Pre-Final - After having a lousy Second heat the Pre-Final went pretty good at the start, Made up two places at the first corner, turn two ok, turn three ok, then it all hit the fan!

Someone lost there brake in turn four, brake fluid everywhere, karts everywhere like a big traffic jam, I couldn't stop in time and ran up the back of Frank, took a couple of seconds to get un-hooked, my nose cone was jammed up under my left hand front wheel I could turn right but not left, oh no! not another D.N.F. I managed to kick the nose cone out with my foot and keep going, and still finish in 6th place, and that gave me 6th in the final.

Final - Roll around roll around green light, first corner jumped from 6th into 3rd place (good start I'm thinking) I was able hold that spot till the 8th lap, that's when peter snuck up the inside of me on turn 5,(I left the door open a bit silly me) that put me back into 4th place, the very next lap same corner 2nd place went wide and left the door open for both peter and I so we took it now where 2nd and 3rd place, once we got past 2nd we both started to catch Luke who was in 1st place, that's where we stayed for the remainder of the race, After a bad start in Rnd 2 I came away with a pretty good result 3rd place over all.

Click here to see the pictures taken that day.....

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