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Southern City Classic – Central City Series Rnd 3: 21-22 Oct 2006

Well the last round of the series was going to be cancelled due to not enough entries which meant the other two rounds at (Geelong & Todd Rd) would have been a big waste of time and money. There were six of us that joined forces and convinced O.G.K.C to run the last round in over 40’s so they did, Thankyou Oakleigh Kart Club! That was a big relief and we all got to qualify – I qualified in 3rd place out of only 6 entries.

First Heat – Starting in 3rd I lost one place to finish in 4th after having some problems with the power valve again which was my fault. I had it apart to clean and put the gasket back in around the wrong way and blocked the air hole! (You dummy fancy putting the gasket round the wrong way). It was working – just very slow coming in and out, I fixed that pretty quick ready for the second heat.

Second heat – Starting in 3rd again after fixing the power valve the Parolin Chassis went great - had a bad kick off on the green light and found myself back in second last place by the first corner, (got to watch that light) managed to claw my way back up into 3rd spot again and was quickly challenging for 2nd but there wasn’t enough laps left to get there, so I had to settle on 3rd.

Pre-Final – I must have a thing for the # 3 this weekend, 'cos that was my starting position in the pre-final again! Another so so start the engine had a cough and splutter on the green before clearing, lost two places. Took me about 4 laps to get them back again and made it up to 2nd place at lap 8, held that till the end of the race which gave me a good start for the final.

Final – Well it’s the last race of the Series, 2nd place in the final is a good spot to be in! Green light had a good start trouble free race tucking in behind peter who was in first, we both slowly pulled away from the rest of the field after about 6 laps in. got to the 10th lap and he started to get the better of me my tyres started to go off and he pulled away from me, (15 laps is a long way) started to feel it at lap 12. Finished in 2nd place over all! That’s a good result in the end. (Great Chassis the Parolin Revolution).

Series Summary
Geelong  – Qualified 4th. Started 2nd in the final, finished last after getting taken out in the first corner.
Todd Rd  – Qualified 9th. Started 6th in the final, finished 3rd over all.
Oakleigh – Qualified 3rd. Started 2nd in the final, finished 2nd over all.

Total points for the Series
Geelong  - 1072
Todd Rd  -   918
Oakleigh - 1243

Total point and standing for the Series 4th place  - 3233

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