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Rotax Engines are arguably the most recognised name in kart engines. Legendary for their power and reliability, Rotax is the first choice for the driver who wants the ultimate in performance.

Parilla 125cc Leopard

We also supply and use Leopard engines.

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The sensation in karting worldwide is the incredible water cooled Rotax FR125 Max engine. Designed for both the racing and recreational markets, the engine combines the best of both worlds. Engineered and manufactured by one the world's leading racing kart engine producers it has a true race pedigree, producing over 28 horsepower, while the unique simplicity and self-starter provides the ultimate in hassle-free karting.

It can easily be mounted to almost any kart chassis with a simple kit available, giving anyone the chance to experience the renowned power and reliability of Rotax.

Bore: 54.0mm
Stroke: 54.5mm

Weight: 12kg
28 horsepower @ 11,500rpm

Download the exploded diagrams with numbered parts for easy cross reference.
If you would like more information regarding this product please contact us.



The Rotax Max FR125 engine has revolutionised karting with its ease of use, long life between rebuilds and its incredible reliability, however like every engine, sometimes things can go wrong.  The most common failure we see is the big end and although it is still comparatively uncommon, it is arguably the weak point of the engine.
In an effort to reduce the incidence of conrod big end failures, Rotax has advised the following important change:
At ambient temperatures of 25C and above, Rotax  generally recommend a fuel /oil ratio of 33:1
(=3% or 0,3 litres of oil per 10 litres of fuel)
Note : This applies all of the time, not just when running in.

N.B. For temperatures below 25C, a fuel/oil ratio of 50:1 is still recommended.

To further reduce the likelihood of failure, Rotax have also made other changes such as releasing new run in procedure instructions, revision of the tolerance band of the radial clearance of the crankshaft and reducing the tolerance on the big end cage. Rotax will continue to test various components in house and monitor the conrod failure. 

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