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Rotax Engines are arguably the most recognised name in kart engines. Legendary for their power and reliability, Rotax is the first choice for the driver who wants the ultimate in performance.

Parilla 125cc Leopard

We also supply and use Leopard engines.

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FM Racing Engines

For all your 2-stroke and 4-stroke Engine re-builds, Blueprints and Dyno needs, from the Humble Comer engine right up to the Super F100's (Speciality the Rotax) call us Now!

FM Racing Engines have been around many many year and supports a wide range of  race winning engines.

For all your engine needs don't hesitate to contact us.

*Remember* a well maintained and serviced engine is a great engine.


SERVICES -  Engine rebuilds & Chassis repairs - your authorised agent for Cryogen Industries

Go Kart Components (prices do not include GST)

Single Cylinder Barrel Inc Head $120.50
Single Cylinder Crank Case Inc Bearings $ 97.50
Single Cylinder Crank $ 57.00
Bare Con Rod $ 20.50
Piston and Ring Set $ 26.00
Front Gears (on motor) (each ) $ 13.00
Rear Gears (each ) $ 32.50
Brake Rotor $ 32.50
Brake Pads $ 26.00
Axle Wheel Bearings Front Set $ 19.50
Axle Wheel Bearings Rear Set $ 26.00
Chain $ 26.00
Chassis POA ( will depend on the size / weight of the chassis)
Complete Engine: $235.00

Go Kart Cryogenic Applications
Cryogen Industries offer a tailored treatment specifically for the Go Kart industry from professional race karts to hire karts. Special package deals are available to suit your needs. If you want to increase your competitive edge, have your go cart assemblies cryogenically treated.
The benefits you can achieve by having your Go Kart components treated include:

Increased wear resistance to rotating and friction bearing parts
Increased time between rebuilds
More consistent engine compression figures over time
Longer life from brakes pads and rotors
Better heat dissipation due to increased temperature coefficients
An overall performance increase
Reduced warping/cracking of susceptible components
Treated items will exhibit increased life leading to dollar savings
Racers have reported:
Higher compression ratios
Longer periods between shimming of brake pads ( double the time)
Visibly less wear on gears and sprockets
More horsepower

After having an engine treated by Cryogen Industries, a racer reported on pulling down the engine for its traditional 12 hour rebuild he found it didn't need it! The racer put the engine back together and raced it again! A truly remarkable occurrence only made possible by Cryogen Industries.

General Conditions
All items are to be in clean condition before treatment
Complete Engines are to be disassembled before treatment ( crank and rod o.k together, Studs installed o.k, bearings must be removed)
Depending on the usage some items may require post tempering
Crack testing may be required to assess treatment suitability.

Note: Above mentioned services are performed in house by Cryogen Industries.

Special Conditions
Complete assemblies must be dismantled before treatment. Due to the metal used in construction, some items may not be treated. On some items it is advised that all treatment be performed pre-machining as post tempering may effect tolerances on some materials (i.e. Aluminium and alloys)

Blocks, heads
Rotating components
Valve train, inc Valves
Gears inc transmission
Diff components
Brake drums, discs, callipers, pads
And many other components

ROI / Case Study- Go-kart
A racer approached us with a Leppard go kart engine an alloy drive gear, brake rotor and pads he wanted treated. The racer stated that he had to rebuild his engine and replace the drive gear every every 12 hours also he had to shim his brakes. The engine had been freshened already so we ask for it to be stripped down for treatment, the engine was processed then reassembled ready to race. After the kart was run in, the racer reported that the engine still felt tight but went quicker than before, and that the brakes felt smoother and didn't require as much pressure to operate, they also didn't require shimming after the first 50 laps. The racer then ran his kart in competition where he shaved time off in qualifying as well in the race.
After 150 laps the brakes still didn't need to be shimmed and the engine still felt good and no significant wear was apparent on the drive gear. When the racer got his 12 hours up the engine was pulled down only to reveal that it was in great shape and not in need of a rebuild. Then engine was reassembled and is still going strong with 20hours on the clock.

Performance Increase
We are currently in the process of having two identical engines built buy one of our engines builders for dyno testing. Each engine will be dyno'd on the same day to establish a base line, then one will be treated / reassembled and dyno'd again with the other untreated engine enabling us to work out a percentage
horsepower increase.

We will keep you informed of these results.

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